What are Legal Steroids?

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What Everyone Should Know About Legal Steroids

In order to gain muscle and strength, both men and women need to train hard and follow a strict diet. Besides intense training and nutrition, it requires a great deal of time.

Men who manage to achieve a muscular and ripped physique often become an inspiration and source of attention for others.

Bodybuilders follow a regime that you and I can never commit to.

They take calculated, well-structured diets that are designed in accordance with their targets and needs, the second most essential element of their regime is rigorous training.

Bodybuilder Flexing Biceps

Bodybuilders and fitness models train for months and months until they notice the efforts of their hard work and dedication.

Anabolic steroids are preferred

The human body is an incredible machine and can accommodate itself to all kinds of stress. Muscles in particular will grow when you place stress on them.

To increase how much muscle bodybuilders can gain they will take anabolic steroids to extend this ‘limit’. The word ‘steroid’ sounds really horrifying to many and this is very much justifiable.

Anabolic steroids have a long history of generating side effects that can cause severe health issues and when used for a long time have even caused death in some bodybuilders.

Steroids were originally developed to treat medical conditions. Unfortunately, because of the effect, they had on increasing muscle and boosting endurance they made their way into the bodybuilding scene. Even athletes have used them to give them a competitive edge.

Steroids were never meant to be used by healthy individuals or for bodybuilding.

Steroids were used for treating patients who suffered from hypogonadism, osteoporosis, endometriosis and breast cancer, however as the substance contained alkaloids and hormones like dihydrotestosterone and testosterone, they soon became popular among bodybuilders.

Syringe with steroid

Steroids generally have two forms, Androgens and Anabolics.

Androgens are specifically favorable for men with sex-related issues whereas the latter supports the development of muscles and bones.

Athletes generally consume anabolic substances or consider the mix of anabolic-androgenic.

The biggest dilemma for bodybuilders is risking their health with anabolic steroids, a lot of men and women are not willing to risk their health and will look for alternatives. Up until just a few years ago, there were no other options.

Some tried SARMS only to find out that they could cause similar issues that anabolic steroids did so that was not an option.

Getting the best results

A lot of bodybuilders have one goal in mind and that is to gain as much muscle as possible, that is why they take steroids.

Secondly, and very importantly, their muscle gains rely upon their training techniques in the gym. The harder they train the more muscle they can gain.

To excel in their performance in the gym and progress to a bulkier physique, they consider the use of steroids.

Lastly, bodybuilders want big results in a short period of time which is something only anabolic steroids can do.

Steroids can make you gain a lot of muscle in a short period of time.

No wonder, they have the ability to add on serious mass and take your strength to the next level.

The amazing and extraordinary effects of steroids are simply unquestionable.

Most people begin to look for sports enhancement drugs or supplements after they reach a plateau, in other words, once you notice your body stops progressing you will look for other ways to gain muscle and lose body fat.

What do steroids do?

Men produce the hormone testosterone which is essential in their body for several functions including sex drive, strength, and power. Testosterone besides the functions mentioned above is also essential for repairing and helping you gain muscle.

If you do a search on the benefits of testosterone, you will be surprised by the number of benefits it is associated with. Without a doubt, the health of a man is heavily dependent on the production of testosterone in his body.

In addition to the need for testosterone, we need red blood cells for the regeneration and forming of their muscle tissues. Red blood cells hold an equal level of importance for all bodybuilders and athletes.

Zack Efron

Interestingly, steroids include testosterone and R.B.C which make them perfect hard gainers, and also, many other sportsmen who would like to bump up their physical power to perform better.

The hormones in steroids are the contributing agents that promote the growth of muscles, improve performance, increase thermogenesis and boost muscle strength.

Unfortunately, as much as steroids help you gain muscle there are side effects.

Side effects of anabolic steroids

We can never deny the amazing muscle building effects of steroids, neither its capacity to surcharge the strength levels, yet, the usage of anabolic steroids is quite unconvincing for people who prioritize their health over gaining muscle mass.

Time and again, we have witnessed many bodybuilders having side effects from long term steroid use.

The mechanism through which anabolic-androgenic steroids function, is dangerous. They enable your skeletal muscles to grow by adding synthetic hormones which of course, take a toll on your health.

These substances affect your bodily functions and ultimately cause some unavoidable and unmanageable complications to can last for a long time.

The complications are more likely to surface as soon as the athlete-on-steroids turn 40.

Bodybuilders dying young from organ failure are no exception. We commonly get to hear many of them facing acute complications followed by overuse or regular usage of substances.

Some side effects that generally strike the steroid users are:

  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Irritability
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Gynecomastia
  • Kidney failure
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Liver disease

Considering the fatal consequences of using anabolic-androgenic steroids, the government in many countries finally banned the selling and purchasing of steroids.

As of now, these substances are only accessible for patients who present a doctors prescription, claiming their genuine need for medical purposes.

Famous bodybuilders who fell victim of anabolics

Anabolic-androgenic steroids have swallowed thousands of lives, all over the world.

No wonder, their fates are a warning for all the professional and non-professional athletes who resort to these harmful substances for a bigger and stronger physique.

Let’s have a look at some famous and well-known bodybuilders who left the world too early, after becoming a prey to steroids.

  • Mike Matarazzo: The 47 years old succumbed to a heart attack.
  • Mike Mentzer: Mentzer died at 49 after struggling against heart complications.
  • Greg Kovacs: Greg suffered from heart failure and died aged 44.
  • Luke Wood: Wood couldn’t recover from a kidney transplant and died at the age of 35.
  • Andreas Munzer: The young Andreas lost the battle against life after multiple organ failure.
  • Mat Duvall: Mat could not survive after suffering from a major heart attack back years.
  • Don Ross: Don passed away before he turned 50 from a fatal heart attack.
  • Ray Mentzer: Ray died at 47 after losing against kidney failure.
  • Scott Klein: Scott bid adieu to the world at the age of 30 after battling kidney failure.
  • Dan Puckett: He died at a very tender age of 22 followed by cardiac failure.
  • Dallas McCarver choked on his food at home in 2017 he was 26 years old, the autopsy revealed a hardened liver heavy lungs and thyroid carcinoma.

Sadly, the list is long, however, what is worth noticing is the fact that the majority of the bodybuilders died young, even before reaching the average life expectancy.

Mike Matarazzo

Another important element that you may have noticed is that most of these men succumbed to heart-related issues which indicate, the danger these substances cause.

Even though, the sale and purchase of steroids are prohibited in many countries many manage to get them from the black market which is illegal!

Legal Steroids

On one hand, we have anabolic steroids while at the same time we have a safer alternative called legal steroids which offer similar results without the side effects.

Legal steroids have the ability to bring body-altering changes in a man’s physique, through a safe and sound mechanism.

For years, these supplements have successfully served as a substitute of anabolic steroids that can help men increase strength and help them gain muscle

6 Benefits of legal steroids

1. Legal Steroids are natural

There is no better alternative to legal steroids because they are natural and don’t have side effects The word natural rule out all the possibilities of ingesting anything that is synthetic or hazardous for the health.

2. Legal Steroids are effective

Legal steroids can help increase muscle by boosting protein synthesis, increasing nitrogen retention in the muscles and help burn body fat. they can be used for bulking, cutting cycles.

3. Promotes testosterone production

The most convincing part about using legal steroids is that they do not supply artificial and synthetic hormones to your body, instead, they increase your body’s ability to enhance its testosterone production. Likewise, these substances support the natural growth of red blood cells, making it more practical for bodybuilders to enlarge naturally.

4. Oral steroids ensure quality

While you are on your cycles, one thing is assured. You are backing your goals with quality substances.

Oral steroids are of supreme quality which leaves no room for any kind of doubt.

Furthermore, you are bit by bit detailed about all the ingredients you are ingesting, their quality and potential.

5. Oral steroids are legal

Legal steroids are sold online and are completely legal and do not require a prescription, plus you are not risking your health.

8. Legal steroids are easy to use

Forget about the needles, forget about the pain, simply take your pills and there you go. Yes, the intake of oral steroids is that simple.

You just not need to inject yourself every now and then.

There are simple pills that you have to ingest for the recommended time period followed by a gap of few days before recommencing with the next cycle.

Oral steroids are easy to use and easy to follow. This is why these are more common than the old practice of inserting anabolics.

6. Legal steroids are safe for women

Anabolic steroids cause more severe side effects in women than in men, many of these side effects can be permanent. Some of those include clitoral enlargement, deepening of the voice and increased body hair.

Legal steroids offer women a safe alternative that does not cause those side effects and they can be used safely by women to gain muscle and burn fat. If you are a woman who wants to increase muscle tone and definition then you may want to consider legal steroids instead of dangerous anabolics.

Are legal steroids better than anabolics?

In some ways they are, it just depends on perspective.

There is no doubt that anabolic steroids are chemical substances that work, it takes less effort to gain muscle with them but in the long run, they do have side effects. The issue with anabolics is that they are illegal and are hard to come by in many countries.

Legal steroids don’t work as fast but they are safer and do not cause life-threatening side effects, most legal steroids are made of all-natural ingredients.

What you have to ask yourself when choosing what is best for you is are you willing to risk your health?. Ultimately you will need to weigh the pros and cons of both to make an educated decision. Our own personal perspective and recommendation for most people is to first make sure you have a proper training regimen in place, focus on your diet and after you are confident that diet and exercise alone are not working for you, only then should you consider taking sports supplements or legal steroids.





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