6 Amazing Benefits of Strength Training

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Benefits of Strength Training – Why Women Should Lift Weights

Many years ago some women just sat inside their homes doing the household chores, taking care of the kids, cooking meals, and a lot more. This is unfortunate, over the years they have learned of the many benefits of strength training.

They only have a little chance of educating themselves, as well as improving their skills. This only interprets that there is an inequality of rights and benefits between the men and the women.

Men benefit more compared to women. They are given better chances of educating and improving themselves, although women also have the capabilities to do all of it. However, in today’s generation, the voices of women are getting louder each day.

There is empowerment which enabled the women across the world to raise themselves and be seen, heard, and appreciated.

Now, women are showing their capabilities that they can do anything even those activities that were traditionally given as responsibilities of men.

One of those is engagement in various sports and health-related activities such as Strength Training.

Have you heard of this one?

What is Strength Training?

Strength Training is a type of physical activity that is sometimes called resistance training. This type of physical activity works on your muscles through the use of resistance, like your body weight or a dumbbell.

This exercise can help in increasing the mass of lean muscles which is important and helpful for losing weight. With lean muscles, it can guide your healthy burning of calories compared to other types of tissues. Besides, whenever there is a drop of pounds, there is also a drop in muscle mass, that is why it is important to do this type of activity to keep the mass of the muscles.

Moreover, having strong and firm muscles is a great help in our daily activities. One example is when watering the plants inside the garden.

Holding the water hose and aiming it onto the plants is a hard thing to do and requires body strength. But by engaging in strength training, it can help you to be more effective and flexible in watering the plants knowing that you have enough power to finish the task.

Here are some of the Strength Training Benefits for Women that can surely push you to engage yourself in and be more active to achieve a healthy living.

Below are 6 of our favorite benefits of strength training.

1. Reduce Stress and Enhance Mood

Engaging yourself in this kind of physical activity can help in reducing stress and enhancing your mood. This can be a great way of releasing all your stress, doubts, negativities, and breakdowns and changing it with determination and positivity.

Doing this also enables you to interact and socialize with other people who can help you to cope with your life struggles. Also, this kind of training helps you to release endorphins, which are defined as neurotransmitters that improve mood, prevent pain, and fights depression.

An increase of endorphins inside the body can help in reducing anxiety and stress. Stimulation of the mind, boosting energy, and improving alertness are also benefits of endorphins. By doing this activity, it can help you to fight a bad day or brighten and keeps the sunshine going.

2. Burn More Calories

It is proven that strength training helps in improving your metabolism for up to 24 hours. When the training is more intense, then more calories will be burned. Then, after training, an increase in oxygen consumption can help in breaking the fat stores down and out of our bodies.

Woman Showing off Weight Loss

3. Improve Posture

Strength training can also help in improving your posture. This type of activity can strengthen your shoulders, back, and core, which helps to correct the bad posture and makes you stand a bit taller with the spine straight and shoulders back. This can also lead to reduced lower back pain.

4. Decreases Risk of Osteoporosis

The benefit of strength training is that it can also strengthens your bones. This activity helps in increasing the density of the bones and reduces the risks of broken bones and fractures. Several pieces of research have proven that strength training helps in strengthening and improving the bone density and creates and healthier and stronger spine.

5. Gain Strength Without Being Bulky

If you are worried about getting a bulky body after intense training, well, worry less. Strength training does not give you a bulky body after your training.

This is a misconception that being a problem by some of the women out there and makes them afraid to engage themselves in strength training.

Strength Training Benefits for Women

This will not happen for women simply do not have muscle builders compared to men who are testosterone. Women only have less testosterone than men which is approximately 20-30 times less. As a result, women have a harder and longer time to gain size from strength training. It will only help in developing and improving their muscles and strength without an increase in their body size.

6. Reduce Body Fat

Engaging yourself in strength training can help you in increasing your metabolism. Also, having an improved and effective metabolism will result in a faster burning process of body fats and calories.

Several studies have found out that when a woman engages herself into strength training two to three times per week will help her to reduce 3.5 pounds of fat and gain wonderful 2 pounds of muscles to strengthen her.

In every pound of gained muscle, anyone can burn approximately 35 to 60 calories a day. By continuing this training, anyone can effectively achieve their dreams of attaining a fit, healthier, and stronger body.

Strength training is indeed an excellent and effective way of transforming our lives into healthier and better ones. Why engage tomorrow or the following day when you can already start your fitness journey today?




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